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Senior Care

Dogs and cats age faster than people.  Just like humans, the health care needs of companion animals change with the age of the patient.  Dogs and cats live much longer and healthier lives these days thanks to advancements in health care and proper nutrition.  We provide Senior Pet care to all patients 7 years and older, so that is to a majority of our patients!  It is very important to recognize subtle changes in weight, behavior, eating habits, body condition, and health during these older years because if detected early, there are a lot better treatment options available.

During the senior years, we may recommend more frequent physical examinations to monitor chronic condition such as heart murmurs or osteoarthritis.  We keep a close eye on the patient weight as subtle shift in weight may cause changes in medication doses.  We recommend laboratory testing to detect early changes in your pets’ metabolic functions.  Diabetes Mellitus, Kidney Disease, and Thyroid Diseases are detected in lab work, and sometimes we manage to diagnose the problem before the owners notice any clinical symptoms.   During senior visits, the veterinarians will offer recommendations regarding laboratory testing, dental care, nutrition, vaccinations, laser therapy for chronic arthritis and exercise.

Older patients are wonderful companions and very bonded members of the family.  We have so many advancements in veterinary medicine that we can treat, manage, and prevent so many life threatening issues.  Our job as your veterinary practice is to provide medical care and education to help keep your pets happy and healthy for many years to come.  We develop a bond with our older patients and enjoy providing them with the services they need to continue a happy lifestyle.

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