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Pain Management

Animals experience pain and discomfort due to injury, illness, or surgery.  The veterinarians at Heritage Animal Hospital can provide relief through different pain management services.  There are many medications to help provide pain relief as well as therapy laser treatments to aid in accelerating the healing process and reducing inflammation and pain.  
All of our surgical patients are provided with a customized treatment plan to help provide relief of pain post op and during the recovery process.  Studies show that minimizing pain after surgery definitely hastens recovery, improves appetite, and allows patients to start back to their normal routines earlier. 

Chronic pain associated with osteoarthritis, cancer, or other medical conditions can often be long term and persistent.  Each case is managed differently and our veterinarians provide a diagnostic and therapeutic plan based on the individual needs of a patient to improve their comfort levels and quality of life. 

Signs of pain can often be subtle and include increased panting, decreased activity and exercise, sleeping more, decreased interaction with the family, and lack of appetite.  More obvious signs of pain include:  lameness, crying and whimpering, and objections to being picked up or touched. 

Please contact our office to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians to discuss issues you may be noticing in your pet that may be related to pain. 

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