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Immunizations are very important in the overall health care of your pet.  Our companion animals live longer, healthier lives in part because vaccines help protect against dangerous, deadly diseases. Vaccination protocols are individualized based on the patients’ lifestyle.  The veterinary staff will discuss all the vaccine options that are available and make recommendations. 

Many vaccinations are available for dogs and cats, but not every pet needs every vaccination.  Core vaccinations should be administered to all pets.  Non-core vaccinations may not be necessary for all pets.

Rabies vaccinations are required by Maryland State Law.  Boarding facilities, daycares, dog parks, training facilities, and grooming facilities require certain vaccinations before admission to help prevent contagious diseases from spreading.  Our hospital also requires certain vaccinations before admission to the hospital for routine procedures such as spays, neuters, dental cleanings and baths.

Call us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your pet’s vaccination needs.

Vaccine Reaction Information, Please visit link!

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