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Puppy and Kitten Care

How exciting it is for all of our staff at Heritage to be a part of a new puppy or kitten adoption?  Everyone loves this special time!   It is our favorite part of most every day working in a veterinary office.  However, it is a very important time to educate our clients about the lifelong commitment they are about to embark on for the rest of that baby’s life.  We are committed to helping our clients provide wellness care to all puppies and kittens to build the foundation for a long, happy, and healthy life.


Scheduling the first visit with our veterinary team is the first step in health care for your forever friend.  This visit will include a complete physical examination from nose to tail.  We will discuss nutrition, behavioral training, vaccinations, grooming, parasite prevention, breed predispositions, pet insurance, dental care, and nail trimming.  We will also make recommendations on spaying/neutering, microchip implantation, and overall health care of your pet.  Our team will answer any questions you may have and we encourage participation from the whole family during this first visit.  The more educated all care takers are about the pet, the better your family will be able to care for this companion for the rest of its life.  We strive to offer all the support and information you will need.


During the initial visit, we ask that you bring all of your records and a fecal specimen for parasite testing.  The doctors will review any and all previous medical records and discuss the best way to continue their initial vaccine and deworming schedules.   Once all of your questions are answered and the visit is complete, we will schedule a follow up appointment for booster vaccines and the next wellness visit.

“Puppyhood” and “kittenhood” is an exciting time.  It is also the time to set a foundation for a healthy lifestyle for your new companion.  We encourage our clients to be a partner with us in the road to a healthy and happy pet.

Call today to schedule an appointment for us to meet your new companion!

To save time at the beginning of the appointment, please fill out a new patient and client form, which you can email, fax, or bring to the appointment. 

New Patient Form

New Client Form

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