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Digital Radiology / Ultrasonography Services

We hope that all our patients stay healthy throughout their entire lives.  Unfortunately, sometimes patients do become ill or require advanced diagnostics to help determine appropriate medical treatment options.  We offer the newest in advanced imaging services including in-house digital radiology, with the option of board certified radiology consultation. 

Ultrasound evaluations are available on an appointment basis with Dr. Brawer who is a board certified radiologist and ultrasonographer.  Dr. Brawer travels to many hospitals to provide this in depth evaluation and with the staff, can make an appointment time specifically for your pet where you are able to observe the ultrasound procedure being completed.


X-rays are very safe, non-invasive, and minimal discomfort (patient does have to hold still) found.  The lowest effective settings are utilized and can even be used on pregnant females to help identify babies and even on young, growing patients.  X-rays are useful for identifying tumors, broken bones, dislocation of joints, normal vs. abnormal position of internal organs, as well as size and shape of these organs. 

Once your pet is evaluated by our Doctors and Staff advanced radiology imaging recommendations can be discussed and completed at the time of your appointment.  X-rays are completed by our skilled, caring staff.  Treatments will be discussed after the doctors have reviewed the x-rays with you and/or your family member(s). 

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