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Surgical Services

Heritage Animal Hospital provides a wide variety of surgical services to our patients.  From spaying and neutering procedures to more complex procedures such as thyroid gland removals, splenectomies, and GI surgeries, the veterinary staff focuses on exceptional service to ensure patient safety, pain management, and current progressive surgical practices. 

When your pet needs a surgical service, the veterinarian will explain the procedure, order pre-operative testing to help prepare for anesthesia, and provide an estimate.  The veterinary staff will schedule the procedure and explain all necessary preparations that owners need to provide to the pet before coming to the hospital in the morning.  Most patients will need to be fasted before anesthetic procedures; however, water should always be provided.   Specific instructions for your pet’s surgery will be discussed individually.  We also want to reduce pet owner anxiety before and after surgery.

Our staff of caring and compassionate professionals will monitor your pet before, during, and after surgery to ensure a speedy recovery.  We provide patients with a warming system throughout the procedure and monitor vital parameters with electronic equipment.  Pain management is provided for all surgical cases with medications and laser therapy.  Managing pain is very important to ensure a quick recovery and healing process.

Doctors call owners post-operatively to provide an update and discuss time for discharge.  Written discharge instructions are provided for all surgical procedures and these are reviewed with the owners before discharge.  All medications are reviewed with owners and all questions are answered before patients are released.  Our office will call owners the following day to follow up post – op.  We encourage owners to call our office with any additional questions or concerns. 

Our hospital has strong relationships with local specialty surgeons for more complex procedures that are beyond the scope of Heritage care.  Many orthopedic procedures for knee, hip, and back injuries are referred to nearby Veterinary Surgeons. 

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