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Hospice Care and Euthanasia

Many clients have owned and cared for their pets from an early age or as a juvenile and do not want to stop providing love, affection and healthcare just because the pet is older.  We strive to help all our clients to tailor the end of life treatments and care specifically to each patient.  Terminal illness can be brief (weeks) to more prolonged (months) and does require supportive care throughout your pets experience.


Whether we are managing pain, discomfort or a specific disease processes, many treatments are available.  The use of oral medications, topical relief or the class IV therapy laser can be prescribed by the doctors to help with end of life care for your pet.  The final medical treatment option for managing terminal illness is euthanasia. This procedure can be very difficult to accept and discuss.  Euthanasia is a treatment which involves many aspects (legal, ethical, financial) and considerations for you and your pet during this decision making process.  Our doctors and staff will answer all of your questions and concerns regarding this difficult decision.


If your pet is in need of hospice care or humane euthanasia services we will help to target each treatment plan to alleviate anymore pain, suffering or sickness.  Please contact the staff so that you can learn how to help best treat your pet.  Our compassionate staff will help you to schedule a consultation appointment.

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